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As the COVID-19 crisis continues, business leaders are challenged to move from “emergency mode” to also provide the foundations for strong, healthy businesses in the future.

New trends in consumer behavior have been emerging, and businesses processes had to be rethought to allow physical distancing. How can we generate value and drive growth in this new context? How can you be fast and effective with innovation under extreme uncertainty?

The answers to these questions were addressed on the 15th of September when Next Agents broadcasted a live webinar on the theme “Growth and Innovation in the New Normal”. The webinar addressed some of the most relevant trends and insights related to the pandemic, such as “Anxiety & Isolation”, “Shift in Values” and, “Digital Everything”. With these trends in mind the speakers made an analysis of the implications of the covid-19 virus for business as well as gave concrete areas that businesses should develop capabilities in:
1. Anticipate the future to guarantee relevant purpose
2. Bet on sustainability as a differentiator
3. Build resilience in partnerships and ecosystems
4. Build an agile and robust innovation system
Finally the webinar ended with specific steps and tools on how to drive innovation and growth in this new context. You can see the complete webinar in the video below.


Speakers Webinar New Normal

Fernanda Torre has 15 years experience in innovation, and is a Visiting Teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics in the MBA program. Torre also teaches Future Thinking and Design Thinking at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Torre is a board member at Innovationsledarna and a Swedish Expert in the technical committee for the Innovation Management ISO. Research wise, Torre is part of the Vinnova project 4Boards.ai, aiming to support corporate boards governing AI towards innovation and sustainability. Torre is a founding member of the Speculative Futures in Stockholm.

Gabriele Garavini has 20 years experience working in data driven and customer focus innovation, entrepreneurship and business development, unleashing new growth potential in large and small organizations, internationally. An astrophysics turned business leader and entrepreneur, he holds a PhD in physics and started his business career developing new services and organizations from the ground up for Ericsson. Former Head of Innovation at Telia Company, he is an innovation leader, business designer, coach and executive board member focused on freeing the entrepreneurial DNA of businesses and teams. Currently he is focusing on supporting corporate clients, startups and boards in designing, developing and scaling innovative and sustainable growth opportunities.

Bettina Schwalm is an Experience Designer, Strategist and Researcher. She has a long experience working with international teams ranging from multinational corporations to startups at various stages. Bettina has been driving value and educating in innovation and future thinking, always with a strong focus on behavioural studies. She is Course Director for the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in Future Thinking and affiliated to Konstfack, as well as visiting Teacher in various Institutions amongst them KTH, KI and SSE in Stockholm as well as ADBK Munich and Khio Oslo. Her interdisciplinary approach is at the intersection of science and design, developing hands-on tools and visions for society, business, culture, and the environment.