Rapid Learning Cycles workshop

Rapid Learning Cycles is agile for innovation and R&D

Rapid Learning Cycles is tried and tested agile methodology to manage innovation under high-cost and high-uncertainty, ideal for the development of products, services, or innovation.
Both in the context of an established organisation or in a start-up context.

Next Agents is the affiliate for the Nordic countries for the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.


Manage complexity and gain speed

Agile approaches were born out of the need to solve issues associated with high rates of change, uncertainty, and complexity on projects.

Rapid Learning Cycles is an adaptation of Agile for innovation and R&D, particularly for hardware and other physical products — and other parts of the business where decisions are irreversible or expensive to change. In these areas, the assumptions that drive the practices and tools of Agile Software Development do not hold true. Instead, we use the principles of Agile to deliver value early, while avoiding the waste of revisited decisions.


Build Speed

Faster time-to-market through an agile process to get things right the first time.

Create Alignment

Transparent team-work promotes alignment and employee engagement, at the same time it gives management control over the development

Gain Flexibility

Built to adapt to change, perfect to manage uncertainty. It can be implemented as a stand-alone framework or with Stage Gate.

Manage Knowledge

Create and grow an extensible knowledge library so that future teams don’t have to re-learn the same things.


Rapid Learning Cycles is a robust framework used in diverse industries

The core difference between Rapid Learning Cycles and most other Agile methodologies is that we organize around knowledge, not tasks. In hardware development and in domains like it, decisions have lasting consequences and changing them late is extremely expensive. The way to achieve agility is to make good decisions that stick, within a workflow that supports building the knowledge you need to make decisions with higher confidence. A robust framework that has a proven track record across the world.


How SONION uses Rapid Learning Cycles

Sonion is a Danish global leader in designing and manufacturing components and solutions for hearing instruments.
Sonion uses Rapid Learning Cycles to build and document knowledge to accelerate future innovations.