Masterclass Accelerating Cleantech with Agile and Rapid Learning Cycles

We are thrilled to have a full house for our first masterclass event on the 21st of February!

We gathered together with a great crowd of innovation representatives in Stockholm to dive deep into the theory and practice of Rapid Learning Cycles. Masterclass mainly focused on cleantech since cleantech solutions in hardware and physical products are essential for transitioning to a sustainable society – innovation in this field still needs to be developed constantly.

Katherine Radeka, the CEO of the Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, which first commercialised the high-velocity innovation framework, joined us for this event, being our special guest. The acceleration of technology development is growing more popular as a tool for countries and industries working to limit climate change and its effects. Rapid Learning Cycles might be an answer to this challenge.

”Countries won’t be rich just because they happen to be located on oil-rich soil, they will be rich due  to their ability to attract talent, retain knowledge, accelerate innovation and scale solutions in cleantech.” 

— CEO of Next Agents, Fernanda Torre

“Making the right decisions at the right time with the right people and the best available knowledge."

— Founder of Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, Katherine Radeka



  • Because agile is hard regarding physical products (so-called Agile Rescue Mission), we need to prioritise the knowledge required to make a resilient decision that sticks. Rapid Learning Cycles is an adaptation of Agile for hardware and other physical products, as well as other business areas where decisions are irreversible or expensive to change.


  • The development of physical products has interdependencies. The knowledge needs to be organised and prioritised at the right time. If learning happens too late, the decision might be made, and rework is required. We need to front-load the proper knowledge at the right time. The Rapid Learning Cycles framework allows cleantech hardware and physical product innovators to burn down risk in those areas of development where decisions, once made, are costly or impossible to reverse.


  • Build a knowledge library that is easy to access, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can gain even more speed (and save on doubling work!). This might help to reduce the uncertainty, which translates to accelerated development as optimal decision-making eliminates roadblocks and paves the way for an efficient and informed path to market.

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Thank you, Katherine Radeka, for being our special guest and sharing your experience with our Swedish crowd!

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