Masterclass Sustainability & Innovation Assessment

Thrilled to have a full house again for our second masterclass event on the 4th of April!

We gathered together with a great crowd of professionals and managers to dive deep into the theory and practice of Sustainability & Innovation Assessment!  This masterclass mainly focused on assessing capabilities for driving sustainable value as a significant challenge for today’s organizations. Many businesses recognize the potential but often need help knowing where to start amidst their daily operations. Sustainability and innovation initiatives can be ad-hoc and non-strategic, lacking repeatability – that’s why the right assessment is needed.

This time we host Henryk Stawicki as an expert, the Director for Sustainability Innovation at Next Agents. With +20 years of experience (Stockholm, New York, Poland), he shared sustainability-led and circular innovation frameworks with us.

At our Masterclass, we introduced the Sustainability Innovation Assessment, based on ISO 560004 for Innovation Management Assessment. Participants learned how to guide their organizations in finding their unique, strategic sustainability value path. We discussed how to map sustainability and innovation potential and identify leverage points, as well as practical tools for evaluating and tracking progress in sustainability-oriented innovation.

"Knowing your organization's baseline allows you to improve and leverage your opportunities"

— Director for Sustainability Innovation at Next Agents, Henryk Stawicki

The Sustainability & Innovation Holly Grail


The first step to drive value from sustainability is to understand how intrinsically linked these two fields are. The capabilities to drive successful innovation are very connected to the capabilities to drive sustainability transformation in an organization. Understanding this connection is the first step to place an organization on the Holly Grail matrix, a matrix that aims to map the current state and aspiration of an organization to maximize the value from sustainability.

The process for the assessment

Assessment helps organizations identify their baseline and critical leverage points for sustainable change, focusing on maximizing business impact. Sustainability and innovation should be data-driven, backed by knowledge rather than opinions, making it easier to decide on actions. Creating value and innovation from sustainability requires a structured approach and informed decision-making. Providing a big-picture view of the assessment stage is a crucial initial step.

The process for improving Sustainability Innovation Assessment contains the following steps:

PREPARE – Where do you think you are? Which capabilities matter? Prioritization of the system’s capabilities based on internal and external stakeholders.

CONDUCT – Where you actually you are? Collection of qualitative and quantitative data.

CONCLUDE – Assumed, Assessed & Aspired mapping of positions. A Baseline for tracking progress is created.

IMPROVE – Plan for improvement and leverage opportunities.


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