As the world faces unprecedented challenges, attempts to solve them require distinctive competencies. Diverse mindsets, the ability to adapt to constantly changing environments and critical thinking were recently pointed out by World Economic Forum as future skills. Our interdisciplinary team has those competencies deeply rooted in our working culture. This is what you get, when working with Next Agents.

We are thought-leaders in our fields with more than 40 years combined experience. The reason behind why we have partnered up is to help organisations rethink their value and shift the traditional ways of conducting business. An integrated approach to design, business, and innovation make us stand out and be a valuable partner to our clients. 

We deliver value that is relevant to humans and the planet, today and tomorrow. We focus on developing beyond-growth capabilities, such as sustainability and innovation assessments, future-proofing maps, and a priority canvas. We aim to empower the internal team in your company. 

We are filling the gap between BUSINESS and DESIGN – translating and exchanging best practices across disciplines. While doing it, we always consider existing connections and ecosystems. Our superpower is collaboration and building partnerships. 

Our founding partners are affiliated with world-renown schools, and universities. Our market experience comes from Germany, Portugal, Poland and Sweden. Next Agents was founded in 2019, has its head office in Stockholm (Sweden), chapters in Portugal and Poland, and representatives and partners around Europe.

We are members of the ISO  Technical Committee ISO/TC 279 for the development of the ISO 56000 for Innovation Management. We are the affiliate of the Nordics for Rapid Learning Cycles (RLC). We are members of Cradlenet and Nordic Circular Hotspot. 

Innovation management, agile for non-software, business strategy and development, open innovation.

Fernanda Torre

CEO / Director of Business Innovation

Innovation management, agile for non-software, business strategy & development.

Futurist, innovation & strategy expert with 15+ years of experience. She embodies the interdisciplinary intersection between design, business and innovation.

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Human centered design, circular design, design process and management.

Henryk Stawicki

Director Circularity & Sustainability

Human-centred design, circular design, design process & management. 

Circular design consultant, strategist, and facilitator. He helps companies create product and service strategies based on design, sustainability and circular economy.

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Future thinking, qualitative research, trend spotting, experience design.

Bettina Schwalm

Director Future Thinking 

Future thinking, qualitative research, trend spotting & experience design.

Experience designer, strategist and researcher with a long experience driving value and educating in innovation and future thinking, always with a strong focus on behavioural studies.

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Justyna Turek

 Director Design Research

Sustainable design, service design, collaboration, social innovation & leadership. 

Sustainable design consultant, designer, researcher & facilitator. She creates products, services, systems and processes that allow companies to communicate integral value offered to their users.

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