About us

As the world faces unprecedented challenges, success needs to be rethought.

We are thought-leaders in our fields and we have partnered to help organizations rethink value and traditional ways to conduct business. We have an integrated approach to design, business, and innovation, delivering value that is relevant to humans and the planet, today and in the future.

We are a consulting boutique focused on the development of growth capabilities, such as innovation management, future thinking, and sustainability lead innovation.

Founding Partners

Fernanda Torre has 15 years experience in innovation, and is a Visiting Teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics in the MBA program. Torre also teaches Future Thinking and Design Thinking at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Torre is a board member at Innovationsledarna and a Swedish Expert in the technical committee for the Innovation Management ISO. Research wise, Torre is part of the Vinnova project 4Boards.ai, aiming to support corporate boards governing AI towards innovation and sustainability. Torre is a founding member of the Speculative Futures in Stockholm.

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Bettina Schwalm is an Experience Designer, Strategist and Researcher with a long experience driving value and educating in innovation and future thinking, always with a strong focus on behavioural studies. She is Course Director for Future Thinking at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in is and affiliated to Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts, and Design) as well as a guest lecturer in various Institutions amongst them KTH, KI, and SSE in Stockholm as well as ADBK Munich and Khio Oslo. Her interdisciplinary approach is at the intersection of science and design, developing hands-on tools and visions for society, business, culture, and the environment.

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Justyna Turek creates experiences and systems that allow brands, organizations, and events communicate integral value offered to their users. She design process, facilitate workshops and initiate the ideas. Her experience comes from working with product, service and manufacturing companies as well as design and culture studios and centers in Paris, Helsinki, New York, and across Poland. She frequently travels internationally gathering inspirations and knowledge on how societies and cultures change. Co-founder of Next Agents, member of the Service Design Polska, a think tank team of consultants. Event Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit and Board member at Cohabitat Foundation.

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Henryk Stawicki helps organizations create product and service scenarios based on design strategies. He facilitates design processes using sustainable and circular principles whenever possible. To the teams, Henryk brings multicultural perspective from Poland, New York, London and Ukraine, among others, as he frequently works abroad. Co-founder of Next Agents, member of the Gdynia Design Days Advisory Board and the Service Design Polska, a think tank team of consultants. Program Director at the Design talks Business Summit and Board member at Cohabitat Foundation. Teaches Human-centered Design and Design Management at the School of Form.

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Selected Clients