Next Agents was invited to be a guest at the Design Talks Business Summit

Gdynia Design Days is an annual design festival taking place in Gdynia, Poland, between the 3rd to the 11th of July 2011. This year Next Agents were invited as guests to facilitate a workshop on the Design Talks Business Summit, on the topic of future foresight and taking place on the 9th of July.

The workshop "Foresight for Managing Change"

The special workshop created by Next Agents for the Design Talks Business Summit was created having in mind the theme of the event this year: Solidarity.

Identify possible futures available for your organisation and lead it to the reality of tomorrow.

Our reality is defined by rapid advancements in technology, growing socio-political unrest, the challenges of climate change and the unrelenting pandemic. These elements make up an increasingly dynamic, complex and uncertain business environment. What gives a businessman or a designer a competitive edge in such a context? An understanding of where the future is headed, and how we can shape it.

The workshop seeks to introduce the participants to the concept of foresight, trend spotting and future thinking. It will help to offer a critical perspective on what can be done today to build a better tomorrow. The workshop’s participants will understand how different trends create interdependencies in a bigger system and will be prompted to shift their perspective from hindsight to foresight.

During the workshops you will learn:

  • how to explore the concept of trends, trendspotting and future thinking
  • how to investigate the human fascination with the concept of the future and outline opportunities and pitfalls in future thinking for change
  • how to investigate and further develop the different ways in which future thinking can be harnessed for innovation management

9th of July 2021, from 13:45-16:45

The workshop has limited places. As part of the conference, it is possible to participate in workshops (4 parallel sessions), for which prior registration is required.