Start with a single module or take a deep dive with a complete 90 days program

In 90 days, you will discover your opportunity areas for sustainable innovation and get tools to track the progress. Your team will anticipate future threats and potential and know how to act quickly to respond to them. At the end of the program, you will arrive at strategic decisions, alignment and a concrete action plan for your sustainable innovation. Your team gets the tools and skills to manage innovation under high cost and uncertainty.

You may want to implement the complete 90 days program or carry out 30 days increments with independent modules.


30 days vs 90 days

The 30-day program is great for trying a specific module, whether you need just an assessment, future-proofing, project prioritization, or fast-forwarding your ideas with an agile framework.

The 90-day program is the most efficient way to develop a complete sustainability innovation plan from the start to a implementation-ready format. You save time and get the most out of our program.


90 days & 11 workshops

In the 90 days full program we will lead your team through the market-proven process and bring the tools for your team’s independent use.

The process will consist of:

  • Four modules in 90 days (Sustainability and Innovation Assessment, Future-Proof Map, Priority Canvas, and Rapid Learning Cycles).
  • 11 Workshop sessions for your core sustainability/innovation team
  • 6 x team coaching on tools and methods for independent use
  • 1-on-1 coaching for the team leader or sustainability innovation officer
  • Guide book with a recommendation summary