Fernanda Torre

"This is our time, the challenges we all face require collaboration, innovation, and future thinking, towards equality and a sustainable planet. Together we can do it!"

Fernanda Torre is a Visiting Teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics where she lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the MBA program and is affiliated to the House of Innovation. Fernanda is furthermore the director of the Design Thinking program and co-director of the Trendspotting and Future Forecasting course in the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and is an Industry Leader for Design at Hyper Island.

With a background in Graphic Design (Red Dot Design award 2014 with Gabor Palotai) and Experience Design (Beam me up, Scotty! award in Helsinki design fair 2013), Torre has made her way into innovation management (Stora Enso Innovation Award for Intelligent Packaging 2016).

Fernanda has experience in the most diverse sectors such as renewable materials & manufacturing (Group Innovation and R&D; and Innovation Center for Biomaterials at Stora Enso) in resilience thinking and sustainable leadership (LEAD program and The Biosphere Code at the Stockholm Resilience Centre), gendered medical innovations (Karolinska Centre for Gender Medicine, Department of Medicine) and entrepreneurship in creative industries (Balticlab with the Swedish Institute and CBSS).

Fernanda co-author of the book “AI Leadership for Boards – The Future of Corporate Governance”, part of the Vinnova funded project 4Boards.ai, aiming to support corporate boards in governing AI towards innovation and sustainability.

Fernanda has an MBA from SSE, awarded with the President’s List for outstanding academic achievement, an MFA in Experience Design from Konstfack, and a Bachelor in Arts in Graphic Design from Porto University.

Fernanda is a board member of Innovationsledarna (Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden) and a Swedish Expert in the international group for the development of an ISO standard on Innovation Management. She is also a founding member of the Speculative Futures Chapter in Stockholm and was the founder and director of Frames – Portuguese Film Festival in Sweden.