Fernanda Torre

"This is our time, the challenges we all face require collaboration, innovation, and future thinking, towards equality and a sustainable planet"

Fernanda Torre is a leading expert in the field of sustainability-driven innovation, currently CEO of Next Agents and Operations Director at Boards Impact Forum, the Nordic Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative from the World Economic Forum, where she engages board directors across the Nordics and internationally to accelerate climate actions and foster sustainable business practices. Her role involves leading training programs on Boards Oversight of Sustainability and Responsible AI for Value Creation, reflecting her strategic approach to integrating ethical considerations into innovation.

Fernanda is also a visiting teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics affiliated with the House of Innovation, where she was teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the executive MBA. Furthermore, she is part of the faculty at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), where she is the co-director of the “Trendspotting and Future Thinking” program. At SEES Fernanda is also the leader of the global entrepreneurship education program SSES Learning Lab, leading 7 modules with roundtables on diverse entrepreneurship education topics. 

A co-author of the book “AI Leadership for Boards – The Future of Corporate Governance,” Fernanda’s research seeks to empower corporate boards in the governance of AI towards more innovative and sustainable pathways. The latest research paper was published in 2024 on the concept of board dynamic capabilities. 

Fernanda has worked at the Stockholm Resilience Center where she was part of the team creating the leadership program BALTICLEAD (formerly known as LEAP), and she was part of the team that created the Biosphere Code, a set of principles to help guide the current and future development of algorithms in AI and other exponential technologies, in a way that was responsible for both people and planet.

With a background in graphic design and creative industries, evidenced by her Red Dot Design Award in 2014, Fernanda has seamlessly transitioned into the world of innovation management and sustainability, earning the Stora Enso Innovation Award for Intelligent Packaging in 2016. 

Fernanda Torre is recognized as an engaging speaker, regularly invited to various events to share her insights and inspire audiences. Her speaking engagements range from academic settings, based on research and her teaching experience at the MBA program at the Stockholm School of Economics, to industry conferences where she discusses the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and leadership. Her presentations often highlight her expertise in sustainability-driven innovation, drawing from her experiences and her work in operations and boards, in guiding sustainable practices and responsible AI integration. Fernanda’s ability to convey complex concepts in relatable terms makes her a sought-after speaker for fostering dialogue on the future of business and governance.

Fernanda’s academic achievements are notable, with an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics, named to the President´s list which is awarded to the top ten percent of the class, as well as the award for the student who most positively impacted the learning journey of the colleagues. Fernanda has an MFA in Experience Design from Konstfack, and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Porto University. She served as a board member of Innovationsledarna and is since 2028 a Swedish Expert in the technical committee for the development of the 56000 ISO standard on Innovation Management. 

Fernanda Torre stands out as a leader whose career is a testament to the power of bridging design, innovation, and strategic management to create a sustainable and equitable future.