Learn where to start & how to track progress

The Sustainability & Innovation Assessment will help you search and find key leverage points at your organisation. We tailor our process and tools to guarantee its relevance, allowing the business to establish a baseline to track progress. In 30 days you gain insights and skills on where to bring sustainable change.


Repeatable good decisions on how to proceed

Driving sustainable value is one biggest challenge for today’s businesses. Businesses see the potential, but while current operations take all the focus, it is hard to step back and know where to start.
With the Sustainability Innovation Assessment process we help you identify your organisation key leverage points for sustainable interventions that have best business impact.

The process for improving Sustainability Innovation Assessment contains the following steps:

  • PREPARE – Where do you think you are? Which capabilities matter? Prioritization of the system’s capabilities based on internal and external stakeholders.
  • CONDUCT – Where you actually you are? Collection of qualitative and quantitative data.
  • CONCLUDE – Assumed, Assessed & Aspired mapping of positions. A Baseline for tracking progress is created.
  • IMPROVE – Plan for improvement and leverage opportunities


The first step to drive value from sustainability is to understand how intrinsically linked these two fields are. The capabilities to drive successful innovation are very connected to the capabilities to drive sustainability transformation in an organization. Understanding this connection is the first step to place an organization on the Holly Grail matrix, a matrix that aims to map the current state and aspiration of an organization to maximize the value from sustainability.


Build Confidence

List business arguments for advocating positive impact innovation. Show concrete next steps and areas of action.

Evaluate & Track Progress

Establish a baseline to track progress and to evaluate progession.

Know your Path

Empower your organisation to find your own sustainable value path.


The Sustainability & Innovation Assessment module consists of:

  • 4 x workshops for your core sustainability/innovation team
  • 1 x team coaching session 
  • 2 x one-on-one coaching sessions for the project manager on how to independently work with tools and implement the module outcomes

Implementation outcomes:

  • Quantifiable data and a sustainability & innovation baseline
  • Map of the sustainability & innovation potential
  • Business arguments for advocating positive impact innovation
  • Tools for tracking and measuring progress