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We are a consulting boutique focused on the development of growth capabilities, such as innovation management, future thinking, and sustainability lead innovation

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5 steps for Innovation & Growth

1. Understand where you are heading

2. Better to get it roughly right fast, than precisely wrong slowly

3. Sustainability is the new black

4. Hit the market running

5. Repeat, this time faster!

1. Understand where you are heading

In an uncertain world, foresight is the name of the game.

If you are working with consumer products you need to be close to users and understand their behaviors and swigs in demand.
If you are working in an industry with long periods of development, you need to understand how the world will look like when your products hit the market in, for example, 5 or 10 years. Either way, future exploration is a key differentiator and factor for success. 

We work with tried and tested tools for future exploration:

  • Scenario Thinking: understand where you want to be in the future and how to get there
  • Future Customer Journey: explore opportunities in your customers’ future experience 
  • Futures Wheel: to understand the consequences of disruption by competitors, or industry or legal changes

2. Better to get it roughly right fast, than precisely wrong slowly

Speed, experimentation, and prototyping are key skills for the future business.

In the past, we have seen high rates of failure in innovation, but businesses cannot afford to keep wasting time and resources chasing failed possibilities. We bring you speed and help you avoid the most common problems and pitfalls of growth and business development by building the possibility to learn with prototypes and experimentation.

We will help you with implementing:

  • Rapid Learning Cycles Framework: join the agile revolution and guarantee fast results and feel in control of the innovation process
  • Design Thinking: explore the problems of your customers (painstorming) and guarantee the relevance of everything you do
  • Prototyping workshops: test your ideas and build knowledge in your organization 

3. Empower Sustainability led Innovation

The planet cannot wait.

Consumers, employees, and shareholders are increasingly aware that their actions have an environmental impact. This presents a great opportunity for positive change. With the right tools, methods, and approach, circularity-led processes do not need to be a daunting task but rather an inspiring journey into operational opportunities and new business models.

We support you becoming sustainable by:

  • Courses Sustainability led Innovation – establish a new way of working by teaching your organization about how to innovate in a sustainable way
  • Circular Design Sprints: fast and sweet processes to discover opportunities and ideas;
  • Circular Design Audits: assessing the organisation’s and market potential to build better services and products;
  • Sustainability focussed Design Research: to map consumer behaviors, desires and dreams, the jobs-to-be-done, and the ecosystem opportunities that fuel new business model innovation.

4. Hit the market running

invention x commercialization = innovation

There is no point in building a beautiful solution for a problem no one has. Or that this beautiful solution is too early… or too late. For instant impact and success, you need to have a strong business model and partners to help you disseminate.

In today’s world you need to always plan for:

  • Business model innovation: rethink your business and profit to allow for scalability and impact
  • Innovation Partnerships: address innovation together with partners to guarantee you have the knowledge and expertise needed and dilute risk

5. Repeat, this time better!

Consistent success, every time. 

A strong and resilient organization is built on more than “two innovation days” per year. If you are serious about growth, then you need to have a bulletproof innovation system that will bring you success, every time.

We will help you with implementing:

  • Innovation system (ISO 56000): build your innovation system on the best available practices
  • Innovation assessments e measurment: create KPIs for innovation and teach your organization to measure innovation capabilities
  • Innovation culture assessment and development: the organization is the people, make sure your people are as hungry for success as you are!