Transformation and meaningful growth can be difficult, especially in a context of high uncertainty such as the covid-19 pandemic we are living in.

As a consequence, organizations struggle with uncertainty and high rates of innovation failure. We believe this painful process can be done differently. Complex problems require a systemic understanding of the world we live in, and we want to empower you to take control of your growth capabilities, vision and future.

Empowering organizations. The planet needs brave leaders that can drive change and generate value that is sustainable:

  • Innovation & development program for leaders 
  • Innovation and intrapreneurship programs
  • Strategy development
  • Innovation and creativity boosters workshop for organizations
  • Executive coaching on innovation and uncertainty management
  • Design safari, to get participants “out of the building” and ready to discover and understand real market changes and consumer experiences
  • Building and development and managing of Innovation Labs

The world has never been this volatile (V), uncertain (U), complex (C) and ambiguous (A). To the VUCA world we live in, a global pandemic of human and financial catastrophic proportions has been added with a devastating impact.

Thinking about the future and finding opportunities in this complex context has become crucial to the survival of businesses and organizations. 

Identifying opportunities under uncertainty. Crises are tough but also full of opportunities. To navigate the future you need a compass and tools that can support you to make the best decisions and identify paths for growth: 

  • Trend exploration (100 Post-Covid Worlds)
  • Support leadership on strategic future thinking (e.g. support in strategy events)
  • Uncertaintyfication – certification in uncertainty , business that are resilient and can harvest uncertainty for opportunity, so they can strive in difficult contexts
  • Talks & inspirational events (to get the innovation juices going!)

Innovation does not happen by chance, the right conditions need to be created for organizations to strive in versatile environments and drive faster from ideas to final solutions.

In the past, we have seen high rates of failure in innovation management, but organizations cannot afford to keep wasting time and resources chasing failed possibilities. We want to help you avoid the most common problems and pitfalls of growth and business development by building the possibility to learn with prototypes and experimentation. 

Guaranteed innovation success. Businesses need more resilient and proven processes for innovation, namely, they need: 

  • Support in the implementation of ISO 56000 for Innovation Management
  • Innovation Assessment and development of KPIs
  • Design Thinking 
  • A long term strategy informed by Research, Context Analyses, Future thinking methodologies
  • Upskilled teams with tools for innovation
  • New business development from idea to launch

Consumers, employees and shareholders, are increasingly aware that their actions can have greater impact both financially and environmentally.

New circular economies present opportunities for new business models allowing to reach new audiences, market strategies, optimization of resources, material swaps, and beyond.

Circularity does not need to be a buzzword. With the right tools, methods and approach circularity-led processes do not need to be a daunting task but a rather an insightful journey into consumer behavior and new business models that match new thriving economies:

  • Circular Design Sprints: to discover opportunities and ideas;
  • Circular Design Audits: assessing the organisation’s and market potential to build better services and products;
  • Sustainability focussed Design Research: to map consumer behaviors, desires and dreams, the jobs-to-be-done, and the ecosystem opportunities that fuel new business model innovation.