Justyna Turek

" Waste, as an example, does not exist in nature, it’s purely a human invention. This means that it can be redesigned by making smarter connections and closing loops. "

Researcher, designer, process facilitator and consultant for sustainable design. For ten years, she has been involved in conceptualizing, designing and testing products/services that are truly sustainable and needed in the Polish and European markets. She creates processes, experiences and systems that allow brands, organisations and events to consistently communicate the value they offer to their users in a respectful environment. She gained experience working in design studios, centres and hubs in Paris, Helsinki, New York and Łódź. She travels to different countries several times a year to gather inspiration and knowledge about changing societies and cultures. She often acts as a mentor in international programs for young people, young entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. Co-founder of the Change Pilots strategic agency (https://changepilots.pl/) and Next Agents in Stockholm (https://www.nextagents.se/). CEO at Holis, a non-profit organization that focuses on social innovation. Member of the Operations Committee of the Boards Impact Forum, the Nodric Chapter of the World Economy Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative.


E-mail: justyna.turek@nextagents.se

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justyna-turek-11827566/