Bettina Schwalm

"I believe in a compass not a map. We need systems that foster awareness for our surroundings, experience-based exploration of the times we inhabiting, and the futures we want to build. With curiosity, the ability of imagination will grow into the creation of innovative ideas with responsibility for our environments and the people within."

Bettina Schwalm is an experience designer deeply rooted in an interdisciplinary approach. She is a researcher, lecturer and strategic consultant in various universities and contexts in industry. She lectures on experience design, design strategy and future thinking as well as writing strategies in universities including Konstfack, KTH (SE), KI(SE), SSE(SE), CEMUS(SE), KHIO (NO), Academy of the Arts Munich (GER), amongst others. She has been affiliated with her research to ArkDes (SE) and KTH School of Architecture (SE) in the department of critical studies and gender theory. Since 2013 she has worked with partner Daniel Daam Rossi in the collaborative research and design practice Present-Futures. With future artefacts, design probes and immersive experiences they challenge current developments and their potential future implication on society, governments and a very personal level.
She consults as design strategist on innovation, research and insights as well as human-centred work in healthcare and other fields of interest.
Bettina holds an MFA of Experience Design and a post-graduate degree of Research-Lab at Konstfack. She graduated with honours of the Libera Università di Bolzano (I) in Design.