Justyna Turek

" Waste, as an example, does not exist in nature, it’s purely a human invention. This means that it can be redesigned by making smarter connections and closing loops. "

Justyna creates experiences and systems that allow brands, organizations, and events communicate integral value offered to their users. She design process, facilitate workshops and initiate the ideas. Her experience comes from working with product, service and manufacturing companies as well as design and culture studios and centers in Paris, Helsinki, New York, and across Poland. She frequently travels internationally gathering inspirations and knowledge on how societies and cultures change. Co-founder of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Member of the Service Design Polska, a think tank team of consultants. Event Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit and Board member at Cohabitat Foundation.


E-mail: justyna.turek@nextagents.se

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justyna-turek-11827566/